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M+H vet s.r.o. - import, export and distribution of veterinary products and drugs, training events for veterinarians

Import, export and distribution of veterinary products and drugs, training for veterinarians

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    About us

    M+H VET s.r.o. was founded in 1995 and an impulse for its establishment was the message in an english veterinary journal about original oral hygiene product series for dogs and cats from Arnolds company. We decided to import these products to the Czech and Slovak markets. Soon we have extended the range to other products from this company, especially at that time a very popular series Activol - products containing evening primrose oil and borage. Another very popular product was Equipalazone - analgetic for horses.

    During the following years the company has established cooperation with other suppliers not only from Europe but also from the USA and Canada.

    Over time, some of the products were no longer produced, some companies have moved in to the property acquisitions of other companies, and thus there have been changes in supplier relationships.



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